Clarity on usage

Currently, if you want to understand your usages across different namespaces you need to run API queries to fully understand what apps are using what and how that is compared against your quota. This is not a very business savvy process because it means that business owners always need a big data guy to run a lot of the different reports to find out every thing from billing to understand where the costs are.
In my particular tenant, F5-Channel, I have close to 400 individuals, 75 name spaces and tons of other apps and usages, but I have no idea without an API process to understand which namespaces are using what portions of my quotas. I am not savvy enough with APIs and log processing to enforce reasonable usage by my partners. I also can not look at usage to see who is NOT using to keep my account clean.

Furthermore, we should be showing usages as compared to quotas so that administrators can be informed when they are going over their quota limits and should or will see overage bills as a result. Over time this portion of the console can grow into other QoS tools and testing.

I am a terrible UI designer, but I would be happy to meet and describe my thoughts to see what a wireframe would look like.

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  • Jun 6 2022
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