Manage DNS - Allow Creation of Primary Zone From BIND Zone File or AFXR in GUI

A primary use case for us getting this tool is to move our DNS to a new provider. I was a little shocked that there is no way to ingest an existing DNS domain into this service natively.

BIND Zone file import & AFXR based creation should be standard.

I couldn't even find scripts to do this basic onboarding, so I wrote some.

The scripts require dnsPython. They're crude and unpolished, but at least I was able to use the product. does an AXFR based transfer migration to a Primary zone will parse all files in subdir 'zones' that end in .zf and create Primary zones based off them. i.e. (zones/ Currently it uses the filename for the zone creation string, but I'd probably get smarter with that and use the SOA or something to pull the domain from the file.

  • Jason Sloan
  • Nov 11 2022
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    Nicolas Cartron commented
    15 Nov, 2022 05:28pm

    @jason we have an open request for import a BIND zone file.

    Performing the import using AXFR was available in Cloud Services, we'll add it to XC in 2023.