Ability to view response from HTTP/TCP LB health checks

I would like to view the response body of the health check on Console, to assist with troubleshooting failed health checks towards origin servers.

Currently, I have to troubleshoot health check failures from the origin pool, which is not always accessible. Running packet capture on CE does not help when the origin pool has TLS enabled.

  • Leon Seng
  • Mar 27 2023
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  • DeVon Jarvis commented
    15 Oct, 2023 06:10am

    Also could fail at certain PoP's due to timeout.

  • Ismael Goncalves commented
    31 May, 2023 07:09pm

    This could be combined with other existent idea:

  • Joshi Vedamurthy commented
    17 May, 2023 12:27pm

    One needs an ability to see why a health-check has failed. It could be conn-failures, tls-negotiation failures, unexpected responses etc.

    There are metrics available in prometheus about healthcheck failures which can be rendered in the UI over a time-series