URL/URI Exemption for DDOS for false positive traffic

Would like to request if URL/URI exemption can be excluded in DDOS scanning? So that specific URL/URI path will not be terminated by DDOS protection but still other URL/URI path of the website can be protected.

Currently we have client wherein their users submit large file (around 4GB) in their Portal Apps but since it is migrated to F5 XC we have some escalated issue because based on our open TAC ticket in F5 XC the DDOS timeout value is terminating the connection of uploading large files.

Btw, if there's a smarter way how this use case scenario will not be false positive kindly inform and update us.

Reference - F5 XC Ticket [F5 Distributed Cloud]: #371898


Tony Pagalanan ( you can also send email directly to me anpagalanan@trends.com.ph )

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  • Sep 5 2023
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