Export LB configurations in a CSV format

Export LB configuration data in .csv directly from Distribiuted Cloud for all namespaces.

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  • Nov 2 2023
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  • Admin
    19 Jan 06:51pm

    There will be an ability to download security and performance configurations in http lb in a csv format , from the security and performance dashboards in upcoming release

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    10 Jan 11:29am


    Could we please request the addition of a bulk export feature for LB configurations in CSV format?

    In the XC console, we have the option to filter these settings to obtain the required information about our load balancers, but there is currently no option to download it in a specific format.

    In situations where someone has around 100 Load Balancers in production and 100 in UAT, it becomes problematic when we cannot sort them to find, for example, misconfigured parts.