Change of the "Select Type of Origin Server" pulldown in the origin server configuration

Each bullet point feels like a sentence and take time to read through. This is not necessary since the explanation is even written below. If you already know, what you need, it is easier to find in the menu just by key words. Also, I would change the structure a bit like this:

  • Public - IP

  • Public - DNS name

  • Site - IP

  • Site - DNS name

  • Site - K8s service name

  • Site - Consul service name

  • Virtual Network - IP

  • Virtual Network - Name

  • Customer Endpoint Object

At least you know immediately where to look at, if you need to integrate an origin server on site or public.

Simple, but it helps a lot. Especially in a PoC, when you walk the customer through the menu.

  • Ralf Bruenig
  • Jul 26 2022
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