Add integration with BIG-IP similar to iQuery for health checking of services

Today BIG-IP customers have an out of band method to inform the upstream GTM/DNS devices of the health of the services it is supporting (iQuery). XC DNS LB needs to have a similar mechanism to help determine health of services running on F5 devices outside of running an active health check from XC. iQuery was a differentiator for BIG-IP GTM/DNS and this integration should be a differentiator for XC DNS LB.

  • Anthony Gerace
  • Dec 8 2022
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  • Philippe Cloup commented
    10 Feb, 2023 03:35pm

    i agree that iQuery logic is a key differentiator for us.

    I think if would be great to look at this from a bigger standapoint. Instead of creating an "iquery" copy for F5XC fo BIGIP, create "ADC discovery" for BIG-IP (TMOS then NEXT) and other solutions. We start with BIG-IP as the "discovered" device with the metrics that were great with iQuery (VS status, VS load, ...) but using declarative/API layer as mentioned.

    and then we add NEXT (will not use iQuery, but will have API related fct), and why not CITRIX and others moving forward ?

  • Admin
    Nicolas Cartron commented
    9 Feb, 2023 03:28pm

    Integration with BIG-IP LTM is something we're planning to implement in FY23.

  • Jason Chiu commented
    8 Dec, 2022 07:20pm

    Back in 2019, the F5CS team was working on an 'iQuery-like LTM integration" which leveraged Telemetry Streaming data to do OOB health checks of LTM VIPs. It also help with importing LTM VIPs into the DNS LB configuration. Will this prior development work be ported to XC?

  • Michael O'Leary commented
    8 Dec, 2022 07:02pm

    I agree with Anthony. When I speak to customers it is hard to show value of a DNS service when Route53 is so easy to use. But with iQuery at least we'd have a differentiator for BIG-IP customers.